Welcome to Beyond Books Web! The goal of this blog is to assemble a space to contain my learning from the Master’s Reading Specialist program at Texas State that I can access, utilize and catapult into an evolving space for my future classroom.  Beyond Books Web values Literacy that individuals are currently using.  There is an appreciation for Literacy learning that occurs outside of traditional texts like books. Our current students are digital natives and as educators our quest is to locate the literacies student use in their lives and build on that.  Of course, books are a big part of Literacy learning, and an entire section is dedicated to them on this blog.  Other topics that are of interest to me include building student choice into the classroom to grow engagement with learning, and creating a classroom that is relevant to students from a variety of language and cultural backgrounds.  My hope is that through creating this blog as a Literacy resource for students, teacher and families I can support my students in creating blogs for their own use.


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