Using Podcasts in a Literacy Classroom

Utilizing Podcasts in the classroom can take the place of a student presentation, if a student would like the opportunity to create and experiment with a podcast. This is an example of a mini lesson that would incorporate the use of podcasts into a Unit. In this case, a student records his/her podcast. A student could continue to create podcasts for sharing original written work, evaluation of books that were read, or to share research from a research project.

Objectives Addressed:

The student will summarize a memoir that was read independently

The student will make personal connections to the independently read memoir

The student will write a personal narrative/ memoir

The student will speak clearly and to the point, using conventions of language

The student will choose a presentation option either: classroom presentation, or recording of a podcast.

Materials Needed:

  • Student selected Memoirs
  • Student response notes from memoirs read
  • Brainstorming notes for Memoir
  • Rough Draft of Memoir
  • Editing of Memoir
  • Final Draft of Memoir
  • Audacity downloaded to student computers

Description of Activities and Their Purposes

Student will read at least five memoirs of his/her choosing. While reading the memoirs, students will make reading response notes in journals. Students will select his/her favorite memoir for their presentation. Student will use the reading response journal notes and create a written response for the selected memoir.  This process is for students to become familiar with the genre of a memoir.  The student will then begin the process of writing his/her own memoir.  The student will brainstorm and continue through the writing process to write his/her memoir.  The podcast or presentation will be a culminating activity at the end of the Memoir Unit. Students can choose to record their reading responses and memoir, or present them to the class.


  • Reading Response Journals will be evaluated for personal connections and summaries
  • Brainstorming, Rough Draft, Edits to Rough Draft, and Final copy of memoir will be collected for evaluation, all parts will be evaluated.
  • Quality of presentation and/or podcast will be evaluated for clarity





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