One Way to Use a Screen Cast in the Classroom

This activity is an activity for the end of the Memoir Unit. The screen cast on this blog contains instructions for how to use to the web application called Canva, which is a graphic design application, that people can use for personal, school or business.

The purpose of using Canva will be for the students to create a multimedia presentation of their Memoir that can be highlighted on the class website, or printed out for display in the classroom.

Objectives Addressed

The student will use elements of the writing process to compose a Memoir. TEKS 6.14 A-E.

The student will write a personal narrative that has a clearly defined focus and communicates the importance of or reasons for actions/consequences.  TEKS 6.16

The student will produce a multimedia presentation involving texts and graphics using available technology.  TEKS 6.17D

The student will use comprehension skills to listen attentively to other is different settings, and follow oral instructions that include multiple actions steps. TEKS 6.26 B

Materials Needed


Jump Drive

A Canva Account- or access to a Canva Account

A photograph in digital format on the computer, or jump drive, to upload to Canva

A written Memoir in the final stage after editing has occurred, this must be saved to the computer used for this project or able to access from a jump drive.

Description of the Activities and Their Purpose

Students will listen to the teacher made screencast at home or at school to start developing knowledge of using the Web Application Canva. The purpose of the screen cast is so students can start developing skills related to this web based graphic design tool.  Once students have gained enough information on how to use Canva, they will begin to create their own multimedia design for displaying their written Memoir and the photograph that supplied the inspiration. Students will have two class periods to explore and create their presentation on Canva.

 Assessment and Evaluation

This is the final draft of the Memoir, students will be graded on the final written draft

Requirements for Canva

  • Use the Letter for the Design option
  • At least one photograph is on the multimedia presentation
  • The Heading Text is used for the title
  • The body Text is used for the Memoir
  • At least two three elements are used on the presentation- background, icon, illustration, shapes or lines
  • One customization has been used for the final presentation that was shown on the screen cast
  • The fonts chosen are readable, and the size is appropriate for the design.
  • The memoir is free of errors, and shows that it is in the final draft stage.
  • The Canva document is downloaded onto computer or jump drive and placed on class blog/website.

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