Digital Story Telling

Digital Story Telling combines original stories that students write, with music, video, or photos to make a piece of media that is creative and unique to each student  This is an example of a mini lesson that would incorporate the use of digital story telling into a Unit. In this case, a student records his/her digital story with the addition of music and photographs. Students can share their digital stories with other students, or family members. Digital stories can bring to life the stories that students create in a meaningful way for students. Additional uses of digital story telling can be to explain a research project, science experiment, or group project presentation.

An example of Digital Story Telling in Adobe Spark:
Eu-Meh: A Memoir

Objectives Addressed:

The student will write a personal narrative/ memoir

The student will speak clearly and to the point, using conventions of language

The student will choose a presentation option either: classroom presentation, or recording of a podcast.

Materials Needed:

  • Rough Draft of Memoir
  • Editing of Memoir
  • Final Draft of Memoir
  • Access to a computer or Ipad
  • Access to a web application like Adobe Spark

Description of Activities and Their Purposes

The student will then begin the process of writing his/her own memoir.  The student will brainstorm and continue through the writing process to write his/her memoir.  The digital story will be a culminating activity at the end of the Memoir Unit. Students will need to select photos to add for the digital story and bring them to school.


  • Brainstorming, Rough Draft, Edits to Rough Draft, and Final copy of memoir will be collected for evaluation, all parts will be evaluated.
  • Quality of presentation and/or podcast will be evaluated for clarity

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